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Presidential Volunteer Service Awards

As school kicks off or all through school year or summer, volunteering/community service is something that comes up for many families. For Youth, it may be a focus for college application readiness, for young kids, it may be a good citizen habit to give back based on interests, and for adults, giving back time, skills, and getting engaged with the local and global community in various ways.

As a certifying organization, TAGCA is proud to announce its first year of presenting the prestigious Presidential Volunteer Service Awards. We would like for volunteers who want to be considered for this award to submit the hours based on requirements below and we plan to present the awards at the Dasara/Diwali celebration. The volunteering does NOT have to be for activities offered through TAGCA. It can be for any non-profit service organization.

Volunteer activities offered through TAGCA are:

  1. Quarterly Adopt-a-Street on North or South side of Charlotte
  2. Blood Drive.
  3. At our TAGCA Events – Sankranthi (For Members only), Ugadi, Annual Picnic, Dasara/Diwali.
  4. Seva and Sports Events
  5. Organizing a one-time activity at an event for a cause (EC approval needed) – Book Drive at the picnic, etc.

Here are the simple four steps to follow for volunteers Ages 5-99. Anyone is qualified to enter, although TAGCA Youth is encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.

  1. Identify yourself as a volunteer. (you will receive a form/link to enter your hours for the year).
  2. Enter your hours and cause during the period of  beginning of September Previous Year thru end of August Current Year -  Awards to be presented in November of Current Year. 
  3. We plan to verify the volunteer hours required to earn the award a few weeks prior to the Dasara event, so we can order the awards in time.
  4. We may request a copy of the US citizenship passport/US Resident Green Card for verification purposes ONLY

Please identify yourself as a volunteer and we can track all the hours for whatever cause you to volunteer for under the TAGCA as the certifying organization. We will use the Honor code as you enter hours and may request proof of volunteering, as needed.

Take advantage of this prestigious program offered locally, start by volunteering. while learning how to cook for a large crowd in a fun outdoor setting with the best of best!

If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to reach out to below contacts:

  1. Satya Vemuru: (502) 291-2153
  2. Ram Kalagara: (704) 620-8208

For more information on TAGCA as a certifying organization, refer to the link below.